December 13, 2021 - 10:44 am

Our Top 10 Stories of 2021

By 20Fathoms

In case you missed them, here are the most-read articles on the 20Fathoms website this year.

Mar. 31 | 20Fathoms is pleased to announce the 10 digital and telehealth companies selected to participate in the 2021 cohort of the HealthSpark Accelerator. These companies utilize advanced and emerging technologies to resolve healthcare challenges that particularly impact patients, providers, and caregivers in rural areas.

Aug. 17 | In 2017, Ken Davies, his wife Emily, and their twin boys moved to Emily’s hometown of Traverse City, Michigan. Ken and Emily had spent the previous ten years moving around the country building careers in energy, with Ken working in renewable energy at large tech companies including Google and Microsoft. Now, they were looking to establish roots for their family.

Mar. 3 | Some of the most in-demand careers are in tech: software development, website design, cybersecurity, digital marketing, UI/UX, and more. Despite this high demand, like many professions it can still be difficult to break into the field and land an entry-level job.

Aug. 17 | After three years of continual growth, Birch Infrastructure (“Birch”) is graduating from the 20Fathoms startup incubator in Traverse City. It is the latest startup to see success in Traverse City’s growing tech and entrepreneurship scene.

Jun. 14 | Are you interested in expanding your network in Traverse City? Small towns have a reputation for being difficult places to meet people, but in a previous article, our panel of Traverse City newcomers advised community involvement as one way to make valuable new connections.

Sep. 7 | Zack Urlocker has a career’s worth of Silicon Valley knowledge that he generously shares with Traverse City entrepreneurs through the 20Fathoms mentorship program. Notably, he has helped lead four software companies to billion dollar exits: Zendesk, MySQL, Active Software, and Duo Security.

Jan. 5 | The critical need for cybersecurity professionals is increasing as cyberattacks grow in both frequency and sophistication. In Traverse City, 20Fathoms is responding to this worldwide shortage by training some of the next generation of cybersecurity professionals via our tccyber program. 

May 12 | I often hike sections of the Appalachian Trail and as awesome as it is, it always feels good to walk the final route back to the truck and take my boots off for the last time. The drive home is filled with thoughts of the trip – both highlights and what to do differently next time. The journey of a grant project is very similar. You plan your route, take that first step, and adjust your course along the way to end up at your destination. 

May 20 | Colleen Valko is a remote worker in Traverse City who says she’s a “quick convert to the coworking model” after recently joining the 20Fathoms coworking space. “20Fathoms is a nice middle ground between being back in the office and working from home,” said Colleen who is a Business Analyst for the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association based in Saint Paul, Minn. 

Apr. 14 | As technology evolves, so too must the practices and culture of information technology teams. The rise in popularity of DevOps is one example of this continuous change.  DevOps is the integration of two traditionally siloed teams: software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops).