May 20, 2021 - 9:01 am

The 20Fathoms coworking space in Traverse City offers flexibility and community as more people return to the office

By 20Fathoms

Colleen Valko is a remote worker in Traverse City who says she’s a “quick convert to the coworking model” after recently joining the 20Fathoms coworking space.  

“20Fathoms is a nice middle ground between being back in the office and working from home,” said Colleen who is a Business Analyst for the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association based in Saint Paul, Minn. “I still have the flexibility that comes with a position that is 100% remote, but I also have the option of going to a space where there are clean lines between starting and ending my workday.”

Coworking space at 20Fathoms
Overlooking Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, 20Fathoms offers a coworking space, private offices, and conference rooms for the region’s tech professionals and startup community.

Leaving the Isolation of the Home Office

On May 24, in-person work will be allowed for all sectors in Michigan for the first time since March 2020, paving the way for more professionals to leave the isolation of their home office. As employers and office workers plan for the future, there is high demand for increased flexibility in the workplace including hybrid models where people split their time between home and an office environment.

At 20Fathoms, we’re excited to offer new membership and rental options at our coworking space overlooking Grand Traverse Bay that gives people just that: more flexibility in where they work.

“We’ve had a steady increase in new member inquiries lately and we’re hearing a common theme: people are tired of working from home,” said Lauren Bigelow, Executive Director of 20Fathoms. “A coworking space like ours provides the networking and social connections that people have missed over the past year, along with the professional environment.”

Colleen especially appreciates the social aspects of 20Fathoms, as well as the views of Grand Traverse Bay. “I immediately felt welcome and now I’m enjoying the kitchen conversations, the gorgeous view, and having the separation between work – even if it means I have to go back to wearing real shoes every day,” she said. “Every day I catch up with new and familiar faces at the office coffee pot and they are usually people I may not have otherwise met in Traverse City.”

Workspace Solutions at 20Fathoms

The 20Fathoms coworking space is tailored for tech and startup professionals including remote workers, entrepreneurs, and seasonal visitors, as well as small businesses who have permanently closed their offices over the past year. Benefits of working at 20Fathoms include not only a friendly community and incredible bay views, but also fast internet, conference rooms, locally roasted coffee from Higher Grounds, free parking, a business mailing address, and more.

Here’s a look at the flexible workspace solutions now available at 20Fathoms:

New Corporate Membership Packages

Many businesses have permanently closed their offices over the past year, however oftentimes teams still have an interest in meeting together on occasion. For tech-focused businesses like this, 20Fathoms is now offering corporate membership packages.

  • Packages begin at $200/month
  • Teams are able to meet in 20Fathoms conference rooms for 10-20 hours each month
  • Most packages include coworking space seats for employees who may prefer to work in a professional environment

Private Offices Available for the Summer

Short-term leases are available on offices through the end of September. This is a great option for entrepreneurs and tech professionals spending the summer in the Traverse City area, or anyone interested in a short-term solution.

  • Cost: $1500/month
  • Enough space for 2-3 people to work comfortably
  • Offices offer tons of natural light and customizable furniture options

Coworking Space Membership Packages

Flexibility is key and individuals can select a membership package based on their own workspace needs and budget. Choose from a variety of workstations including high-tops overlooking Grand Traverse Bay, a cozy lounge or team meeting areas, a table to spread out a bit, or the kitchen bar where you can connect with folks grabbing an espresso

  • Dedicated desk membership: Pick your location, put up a monitor or two, plug in, and enjoy your own comfy chair. ($375/month or $350/month with a 3-month contract)
  • Shared space plus membership: Upgrade your shared space membership for full 24/7 keycard access. ($300/month or $275/month with a 3-month contract)
  • Shared space membership: Set up, move around, and come-and-go as you please during business hours. ($225/month or $200/month with a 3-month contract)
  • Starter 5-pack: Get started at 20Fathoms with five day passes per month. ($100/month)
  • Add-on guest pass: Designate one person as your +1 and they’ll receive two day passes each month. ($50)

Day Passes for the Coworking Space

For out-of-town visitors or infrequent users, day passes provide access to the 20Fathoms coworking space during business hours.

  • Cost: $30

Conference Room Rental

The 20Fathoms conference rooms seat 5 to 18 people and are available for daily rental.

  • Rentals begin at $50/day and are free for nonprofits
  • All rooms have whiteboards, monitors for presenting, conference phones, WiFi. The largest room also has a kitchenette, moveable furniture, and a dedicated entrance.

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