Mia Azpeitia

Mia Azpeitia

Director of Operations

Mia is responsible for all day-to-day operations of 20Fathoms, including the execution of key programs, management of the coworking space, key performance tracking, and event management. In this leadership role, she paves the way for the expansion of 20Fathoms services that accelerate the growth of tech startups, entrepreneurs, and scalable businesses in Northwest Michigan.

With experience at top creative agencies, startup AI companies, worldwide advertising networks, and Fortune 500 companies, Mia’s background combines client services, project management, and operations. She most recently served as VP of Operations at RAIN, a technology startup where she worked on the ground floor of innovation with the Amazon Alexa team to build engaging voice AI experiences that had never been done before. Her previous experience also includes leading accounts at creative agencies for iconic brands like Amazon, Campbell Soup Company, and Johnson & Johnson.

Mia is a graduate of the University of Florida – Warrington College of Business where she earned a BSBA with a major in marketing and a minor in mass communications.

When not working, Mia is likely to be found on a bike, at the beach, or playing with her two favorite humans – her little girls. She is also a mentor, speaker, and advocate for women and parents in the workplace, helping them to be successful and lead with confidence.