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Tech Talent Employer-Led Collaborative

Building a tech talent pipeline that accelerates the region’s economy

Join the Grand Traverse Employer-led Collaborative

20Fathoms is leading a regional effort to build a tech talent pipeline that accelerates the region’s economy. The Grand Traverse Employer-led Collaborative (ELC) includes representatives from local employers, educators, talent and economic development organizations working together to fill the skills gaps in tech training – which is critical for the region’s future. Our goals include:

  • Create a network for sharing resources focused on tech talent initiatives
  • Work together as a region to build a robust tech talent pipeline
  • Support employers to upskill and backfill their tech talent
  • Fill tech skill gaps as they rapidly evolve
  • Connect and attract talent to tech exploration and advancement opportunities
  • Grow opportunities for high paying tech careers

For more information on joining, supporting, or simply interested in hearing more about the ELC, please get in touch.

How We Do It

20Fathoms was selected by Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity and endorsed by an array of community partners to convene an employer-led collaborative (ELC) focused on bridging the gap in our regional tech talent.

In this article, learn how we’re taking national best practices and applying them locally to do this work.