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December 7, 2020

Tech Career Profile: Ryan Beaver, VP of Operations at Altair Software

Ryan Beaver is a software developer, a technical leader who is always up for a challenge, and a coach of early-career developers. He leads the new developer program for tccodes at 20Fathoms, where participants hone...

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Keith Kelly

October 12, 2020

Innovating Workforce Development and Building a Tech Community in Traverse City: Q&A with Keith Kelly, tccodes and tccyber Program Manager

Keith Kelly is a community builder, innovator, educator, and technologist. With the tccodes and tccyber programs at 20Fathoms, he united all of this to develop innovative learning communities for software developers and cybersecurity professionals, respectively....

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Christine Vincent

September 8, 2020

Tech Career Profile: Christine Vincent, Agile Product Owner & Senior Scrum Master at HealthBridge

Christine Vincent’s focus is clear: deliver quality products that increase business value.  She enjoys working with development teams to get the job done and is passionate about using Agile best practices to drive transparency and...

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Shaun Bertrand

August 17, 2020

Cybersecurity Career Profile: Shaun Bertrand, Senior VP of Security Programs at CBI

Shaun Bertrand’s enthusiasm for cybersecurity is contagious. A 25-year veteran of the field, he is passionate not only about his day-to-day work leading the Red Team at cybersecurity solutions firm CBI, but also about helping...

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tccyber logo

August 12, 2020

Introducing tccyber: Accelerating cybersecurity careers in Traverse City

tccyber is a new Traverse City based learning community for cybersecurity professionals at all levels including those who are: Brand new to the profession and exploring their options Current tech professionals interested in expanding their...

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Justin teaching a tccodes workshop

July 16, 2020

Why You Should Manage Tech Talent Like a Supply Chain

Human capital is as crucial to businesses as financial capital. This is especially true for tech startups where entrepreneurs can’t do it all alone – they need talented software developers and other tech professionals to...

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