January 8, 2021 - 1:06 pm

tccodes introduces new courses for software developers

By 20Fathoms
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20Fathoms is spinning up new and expanded workshops for software developers through tccodes. The following 14-week cohorts begin in early February and are provided at no cost due to grant funding.

Front-End App Development

Front-end developers must be able to wield the tools at their disposal to translate a design into functional technology. In order to do so successfully, developers must first understand how the design team operates and why they make the decisions they do. In this course, we’ll first dive into design principles and tools, and then apply that knowledge to build a front-end web application.

The course is led by Justin Gauthier, Lead Developer at Brightly. It is designed for people who know the fundamentals of coding and are looking to create scalable front-end design systems.

Back-End App Development

This is a fast-paced, deep dive into building back-end applications using .NET 5. Participants will learn how to add authentication allowing users to sign in/up using accounts, update an email delivery system to support scheduled email blasts, design a loosely coupled system using dependency injection, and develop experience and skills related to working in a full-stack development environment.

The course is led by Derek Smith, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Naveego. It is designed for intermediate and advanced developers looking to expand their full-stack development skills.

New Developer Coaching

This coaching experience is designed for coders ready to make the transition into a professional software developer role. Work closely with a coach to mirror the experiences of seasoned developers within Constellation Software. Participants will mature as developers and learn new skill sets while gaining insight into what it means to be a professional developer. 

The coaching program is led by Ryan Beaver, VP of Operations at Altair Software.

Join our 2021 kickoff events to learn more

Not sure if these courses are right for you? Interested in learning more about the tccodes and tccyber programs at 20Fathoms? Join us at this session where instructors will provide an overview of each program track and answer questions.

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