March 25, 2024 - 4:26 pm

Startup Spotlight: Stocked

By 20Fathoms

Through the 20Fathoms Startup Spotlight series, get to know who is building companies in Northern Michigan and what advice they have for those just getting started.

This month, we talked to Broc Crandall, CEO/Co-Founder of Stocked.

Broc Crandall, CEO/Co-Founder of Stocked

What problem does your organization solve? How?

Our company solves logistic issues for vacationers, giving them hours back on their vacation by having them order their groceries and local products ahead of time. We place items neatly into the units allowing the guest to unpack and relax immediately when walking through the door.

Tell us about a recent “win” or milestone for your organization.

We have started to onboard properties down in Florida to utilize our service.

What piece of advice would you offer other entrepreneurs?

Do not give up. Figure out ways to keep yourself going!

How has working with 20Fathoms helped your business?

20Fathoms has helped us get into pitch competitions and navigate state funding opportunities.

How can someone learn more about your organization?

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