February 23, 2024 - 8:38 am

Startup Spotlight: Earthly After

By 20Fathoms

Through the 20Fathoms Startup Spotlight series, get to know who is building companies in Northern Michigan and what advice they have for those just getting started.

This month, we talked to Jamie Kramer, Founder of Earthly After, who is working to build the business with cofounders Bradley Matson and April Missias.

Jamie Kramer, Founder of Earthly After

What problem does your organization solve? How?

Earthly After addresses the profound need for more meaningful and environmentally respectful ways to honor and remember our loved ones. By integrating biodegradable urns, GPS technology for memorial locations, and offering spaces in nature for memorials, and the personal assistance of a grief guide, we provide a dual solution: facilitating a path for personal grief healing and actively contributing to environmental conservation. Our approach redefines memorial practices, making them a force for ecological good.

Tell us about a recent “win” or milestone for your organization.

A significant milestone for Earthly After was the launch of our Private Forest Offerings and a partnership with the Headwaters of the Boardman River allowing individuals to host a celebration of life on a preserved natural land in memory of their loved ones.

We also just added a grief therapist, April Missias, who is heading our pilot program and a monthly gathering called Death Club to talk about grief and death. 

This initiative not only expanded our offerings but also marked a key step towards our goal of conserving a million acres of land, bringing us closer to creating a lasting legacy of love and nature.

What piece of advice would you offer other entrepreneurs?

Stay true to your vision, even when the path gets challenging. The journey of entrepreneurship is filled with ups and downs, but what truly defines success is resilience, adaptability, and a deep belief in your mission. Surround yourself with a supportive community, seek feedback, and always stay open.

How has working with 20Fathoms helped your business?

20Fathoms and the regional startup community have been instrumental in Earthly After’s growth. From networking opportunities and mentorship to workshops and investor connections, the support and resources available have helped refine our business model, enhance our technological offerings, and expand our impact.

How can someone learn more about your organization?

To learn more about Earthly After and how we’re changing the narrative around grief and environmental conservation, visit our website at You can also follow us on social media for updates on our services, stories from our community, and insights into our conservation efforts. We’re always here to answer questions and explore how we can make a difference together in honoring memories and healing the planet.

Photos from Earthly After:

Jamie Kramer and April Missias at Start Garden’s 100 in Grand Rapids
April Missias and Jamie Kramer at their new private forest location
Hosted by Earthly After, Death Club is a monthly gathering to talk about grief and death.