November 8, 2023 - 11:18 am

Startup Spotlight: MediCool Technologies

By 20Fathoms

Through the 20Fathoms Startup Spotlight series, get to know who is building companies in Northern Michigan and what advice they have for those just getting started.

This month, we talked to Jeff Rynbrandt, President and CEO of MediCool Technologies.

What problem does your organization solve? How?

We use cool technologies to treat dangerous cardiac arrhythmias and other disorders.

We are currently focused on treating atrial fibrillation, the most common cardiac arrhythmia which affects over 6 million patients in the US alone, and costs the US economy over $26B annually. Currently, treatments are sub-optimal, and have significant side effects and pain associated with them. By cooling the heart gently, we may be able to terminate this dangerous arrhythmia in a painless manner at a point of care that is better for patients, providers, and the healthcare ecosystem.

Tell us about a recent “win” or milestone for your organization.

Over the summer we reached two major milestones.

First, we began the process of our submission for our feasibility trial to the FDA, in conjunction with our regulatory affairs partner. This trial will assess termination of atrial fibrillation in patients presenting for an open heart cardiac surgery and will use a novel cooling technology we call Cool CaridoversionTM. This will be our first trial in the United States and will be conducted at a number of clinical sites (hopefully including sites here in Michigan).

Our second milestone was the selection of our OEM supplier to produce our device, and bring it through the necessary verification, validation, and production steps for our feasibility trial. This partner will enable us to manufacture the device with appropriate quality systems to facilitate the safe use of our product in a highly-regulated clinical trial.

What piece of advice would you offer other entrepreneurs?

Believe with 100% certainty that you will be successful, then stay focused every day on the things that will make it so. You will always have challenges, naysayers, and setbacks – but if it was easy anyone could do it. Startups are hard, but they are immensely rewarding, and the process of watching your vision become a small company and grow is incredible.  

How has working with 20Fathoms helped your business?

When we moved the company here to Traverse City, 20Fathoms was an outstanding resource to help us get our feet on the ground in Michigan. Eric and his team have been incredible – everything from lending a supportive ear, to making some connections in the community, to helping introduce and steer us towards local sources of capital – which is the lifeblood of a startup. A great example of their help was a few introductions which led to us being part of a feature article recently in Crain’s Business Detroit on the nascent startup community in Traverse City. I’ll say this – every startup or small company has some unique needs, but if you are new to TC, 20Fathoms is the place you need to start.

How can someone learn more about your organization?

All the usual ways – we have a very basic website at this point, LinkedIn is a good source for some updates from time to time, we are on X / Twitter at @CoolAfib, and always feel free to reach out directly.  We’re always happy to share our story.

Behind the scenes with MediCool Technologies:

MediCool team meeting, summer 2023
Jeff presenting on capital raising at Project MedTech Startup Symposium 2023