Funding for High-Growth Companies

Capital for accelerated scaling

Funding to support expansion to new markets, mergers, or exits

Companies with a growth track record, a strong leadership team, and an opportunity for rapid growth and expansion often wish to accelerate their scaling in an effort to take market share as quickly as possible. These companies often need a larger relative amount of capital to scale properly and quickly, and they are prime candidates for this type of funding.

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists (VCs) are firms or companies that pool money from their team of investors into a combined fund to invest in emerging businesses. A typical investment is more than $1 million. VCs are looking for high-growth potential companies and will build a relationship to help them reach their next milestones. They invest in established companies that have an MVP in place and are looking to move quickly, get a competitive edge, are ready to merge, and have measurable and financial proof of a scalable business.

This exchange of funding support involves giving up some ownership or equity in your business to an external party. In return for risking their money, they reserve the right to supervise the company’s management practices, often involving a seat on the board of directors and an assurance of financial and managerial transparency.

Boomerang Catapult is a venture capital firm based in Traverse City. Other VCs to consider include:


  • Funding in the amount that VCs contribute can support fast growth for your company
  • In addition to capital, VCs can have a big impact through their connections to investor networks, mentorship, and leadership
  • Typically provides a faster path to your next business milestone versus relying on business revenue alone


  • Founders must give up a share of ownership
  • Large VC firms can be very demanding with a focus purely on ROI
  • VCs may drive leadership changes – including removing founders from leadership roles – within your company

Best for:

Series A and beyond, traction and scaling companies who need a large amount of financing to get established in the market

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