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Empowering rural healthcare.

Accelerating digital health and advanced tech solutions in rural healthcare

HealthSpark exists to advance innovation and facilitate the solutions that will resolve today’s challenges in rural healthcare. Through our community-focused initiative, we are working to bring world-class healthcare solutions to rural patients through the advancement of digital technology. HealthSpark provides critical resources, expertise, programs, and a broad community of highly connected individuals. We work with:

  • Early and growth-stage health tech companies seeking funding and access to healthcare systems.
  • Innovative healthcare systems that want to limit the risk on their investment in digital health solutions and digital health technologies.
  • Investors looking for curated and risk-mitigated technologies, as well as access to health systems for their portfolio companies.

2021 Digital Health Accelerator:
Apr. 12 – Jun. 30

The HealthSpark Accelerator helps digital and telehealth startups navigate the complex healthcare industry and successfully introduce their products to payers, strategics, and providers. Our 12-week program covers critical topics to help your company grow including:

  • Honing your value prop
  • Health system pilots
  • Regulatory
  • Reimbursement
  • Sponsorship (business, clinical, executive)
  • Supply chain

A trusted partner for healthcare providers

Easing many of the challenges related to new tech implementation.

When done right, technological innovation helps healthcare providers improve outcomes and increase efficiencies, access to care, and cost savings. However, many healthcare systems are stretched thinner than ever and investing in a resource-intensive innovation program can feel out of reach. That’s why HealthSpark offers a realistic solution by providing additional bandwidth to health systems’ internal digital health and innovation teams. A partnership with HealthSpark means:

  • Long-term cost savings on technology innovation and digital health
  • Increased focus, flexibility, and faster results
  • A team of experts in healthcare innovation and tech commercialization who leverage best practices and an action-oriented strategy
  • Increased stakeholder confidence and alignment while avoiding institutional and personal conflict of interest

Benefits for investors and strategic partners

  • Early views of the latest in-market solution and high conviction health tech companies
  • Insight from clinical and operational healthcare leaders on unique challenges in rural healthcare and transformative technology
  • A network of subject matter experts who can provide input on emerging technologies
  • Introductions to healthcare systems that can be difficult to penetrate
  • Access to deal flow and an assurance that the technology is both transformative and strategic