Upcoming events in your community

There’s a ton of great tech and business content out there being presented by a variety of organizations (not just us!). We’ve pulled it all together here so you can have a one-stop-shop for local events.

15 Oct

Introduction to Agile/Scrum (tccodes)

Interested in learning Agile principles and best practices? Struggling to implement and realize the benefit of Agile processes?

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16 Oct

The 12 Week Year

Michael Lennington, co-author of the NYT bestseller The 12 Week Year

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16 Oct

Python Coding – Review Session 1 for Online Bootcamp Course (tccodes)

This is the first Python Review session for tccodes members completing the Udemy "Complete Python Bootcamp" online course.

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23 Oct

Hands-On: Introduction to Visual Studio Code (tccodes)

Are you looking for powerful code editor? Visual Studio Code is a free, lightweight, open-source editor that helps write professional code.

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24 Oct

20Fathoms Mentor Welcome Breakfast – Members Only

Meet the 20Fathoms Mentors in person. Hear from each one about their area of expertise and how they can help your business along.

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29 Oct

Quality Focused Coding – A Panel Discussion (tccodes)

“The only way to go fast, is to go well". Creating quality products relies on a cast of actors from your team utilizing quality practices.

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04 Nov

Demystifying Machine Learning

Investigate what make makes Machine Learning so unusual & how it can be used

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