22 Jan

Front-End Developer Crash Course: Part 1 – HTML/CSS (tccodes)

This series of sessions enable you to better utilize any front-end framework by developing a stronger understanding of core technologies.

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29 Jan

Pitch Perfect! A Workshop To Help You Nail Your Pitch

Practice your pitch in a safe space during this workshop led by 20Fathoms Mentors Jeff Hamilton, Katie Horvath, and David Summers.

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30 Jan

Onion Architecture with TDD – Getting Started (tccodes)

Onion Architecture combined with a guerilla style TDD approach is an extremely effective pattern designed to manage change.

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12 Feb

Understanding Git: A Mental Model (tccodes)

If you’ve used Git before but aren’t really sure what is happening underneath.

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20 Feb

Best practices for healthy code, products, and teams (tccodes)

Building software services is a team sport. As your code base, your team, and your customer base grow, so do your challenges.

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27 Feb

2020 Compliance Update for Small Businesses

2019 was another rollercoaster year in the world of Human Resources, especially in terms of compliance.

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27 Feb

Building Systems with Microservices (tccodes)

Microservices offer a solution by dividing applications into multiple small, self-contained, and independently deployable modules.

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12 Mar

Intro to User Experience Design (tccodes)

With more companies seeing the value of investing in design, there’s never been a better time to get started as a user experience designer.

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26 Mar

Software Security and Design Principles (tccodes)

Whether you are an architect responsible for design or a software developer writing code, the time to learn security is now.

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16 Apr

How to Manage HR in a Small Business

Human resources means different things to different people.

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23 Apr

How to be an Employer of Choice

You might be a successful entrepreneur or CEO, but how do you become an employer of choice?

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