Upcoming events in your community

There’s a ton of great tech and business content out there being presented by a variety of organizations (not just us!). We’ve pulled it all together here so you can have a one-stop-shop for local events.

20 Aug

Hands-On: Introduction to Python Programming

Join this Hands-On session to learn the basics of Python development

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29 Aug

5-step Decision-making and Strategic Prioritization

Allovance™ is a 5-step decision-making and strategic prioritization approach that allows organizations to quantify their strategic prioritie

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03 Sep


Up to 5 presenters will take the stage each month to promote their technology related new venture or product. Presenters will be announced one week be

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04 Sep

Introduction into SOLID Design Principles

Gain a deeper understanding of SOLID and an receive an urgent need for a code review

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05 Sep

Ignite Innovation in the Workplace with Design Thinking

Led by Mary Raber, Professor of Practice, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs & co-Director Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship at MTU

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06 Sep

Intro to Lean Start-up and the Business Model Canvas

Discover if a proposed business model is viable

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09 Sep

Starting A Retirement Plan for You & Your Company

Wealth Managment for you and your company

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10 Sep

Introduction to Developing User Interfaces with React and Redux

This is a two week workshop. Must sign up for both classes/dates. React is quickly becoming the standard way of building browser-based user interface

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14 Sep

Northern Michigan Tesla Enthusiasts and Owners

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19 Sep

Eight Keys to Negotiating

Get insight about the most overlooked (and most important) requirments for effective negotiation

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26 Sep

Creating a Healthy Workspace

Learn to create an environment, develop ideas and practices that inspires people to make work/life balance

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