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The home of technology and entrepreneurship in Northern Michigan

Based in Traverse City, we’re cultivating a thriving and connected startup ecosystem. We remove common barriers for startup teams by providing not only a vibrant workspace full of high energy entrepreneurs, but also advanced educational programming, helpful business resources, and access to startup capital so your startup can thrive.

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The place you work should spark new ideas, inspire creative solutions to tough problems, and encourage serendipitous interaction with smart people invested in your success. We call it “Collision by Design”. Check out our membership and pricing levels. View Levels

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Between the staff, board, advisors, partnering organizations, member startups, and mentors, there are a lot of amazing people behind the success of 20Fathoms. Meet the team

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Not a member? No problem! Events at 20Fathoms are meant to intellectually stimulate, challenge, and connect both members and folks from the external community. See something interesting? Join in, or even create your own hosted event! View our events calendar

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Our Initiatives

20Fathoms is the home of several industry-focused initiatives that support the growth of Traverse City as a technology and innovation hub.

tccodes facilitates a vibrant learning community for software developers, their employers, and those interested in entering the profession.

tccyber is a learning community for cybersecurity professionals at all levels providing introductory workshops, advanced professional development training, career guidance, and mentorship.

HealthSpark and their partners are working to advance world-class healthcare to rural areas through the use of telehealth technology.

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