May 3, 2023 - 1:24 pm

Newly created “The Launch at 20Fathoms” offers expanded startup incubation services for entrepreneurs in the Grand Traverse Region

By 20Fathoms

20Fathoms is pleased to announce a new program for entrepreneurs in the Grand Traverse Region. It’s called The Launch at 20Fathoms and is designed to remove barriers and help new businesses grow.

“Through The Launch at 20Fathoms, we are expanding our startup incubation services and working hard to help more aspiring entrepreneurs in our region,” said Eric Roberts, Executive Director of 20Fathoms.

Traverse City’s Startup + Tech Hub

Traverse City’s Startup + Tech Hub is one all-new resource available through The Launch at 20Fathoms. It is an online community providing resources and connection for the region’s entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and partners. The web-based platform includes an event calendar, directory of people and startups, discussion board, news and wins, programs, professional service providers, and more.

“The Startup + Tech Hub is like one-stop shopping for all of the people and activities connected to Traverse City’s entrepreneurship and tech community,” said Eric. “Our partners like Traverse Connect, TCNewTech, Northern Michigan Startup Week, Northwestern Michigan College are posting their resources to this website too so you only need to go to this one place to see everything happening in the community, as opposed to going to a bunch of different websites and still potentially missing something.”

Other New Resources from The Launch at 20Fathoms

At 20Fathoms, we know that every business is unique. That’s why we have designed a menu of resources that entrepreneurs are invited to explore and utilize as they need them. These include:

  • Access to Capital Guide: Funding a new business is one of the biggest challenges that founders face. 20Fathoms’ new guide covers the primary funding options for each business phase, as well as some of the pros and cons worth considering.
  • Networking Guide: For business owners interested in expanding their network, this guide features a number of opportunities to meet investors, mentors, professional services providers, successful business owners, and peers.
  • Mentorship Guide: Mentorship from successful business leaders can help new business owners build successful businesses and avoid common mistakes. This guide provides information on three high-quality mentor networks to help entrepreneurs determine which is the best fit for their needs.
  • Education Guide: In April 2023, 20Fathoms partnered with Northwestern Michigan College to host a new course for aspiring entrepreneurs called Business Essentials. This guide provides information on the Business Essentials course, 20Fathoms lunch-and-learns, and business education opportunities provided by other organizations in our community.
  • Pitch Guide: Featuring TCNewTech, this guide also lists other regularly occurring pitch opportunities around the state. In addition, 20Fathoms is now partnering with TCNewTech to host pitch coaching sessions to help presenters put their best foot forward when they walk out onto the TCNewTech stage.

“I believe that 20Fathoms is the best thing that my business could ever have,” said Jodie Schanhals, President of MeetingMaker, a Traverse City-based tech startup. “It’s building and sparking at a time that is so essential to me. I’ve gotten so much out of my relationship with 20Fathoms and all of the support that they give.”

Participants in the Business Essentials course network with mentors and other community members at 20Fathoms. Business Essentials is one resource available through The Launch at 20Fathoms.