May 3, 2021 - 3:26 pm

HealthSpark connection puts data-driven insights at a physician’s fingertips

By 20Fathoms

Independent physician practices are facing a host of new challenges including the transition to a value-based care model and adopting new technology. A user-friendly platform that identifies opportunities to improve quality of care and revenue could be just what the doctor ordered. Recently, small- and mid-size practices gained access to a tool that provides that very solution: a predictive analysis and insights software. It was made possible through a partnership between Kona Medical Consulting and eSimplify, aided by the HealthSpark team at 20Fathoms.

Traverse City-based Kona Medical Consulting is a managed service organization that provides physician practices with a full range of white-labeled operational support services including bookkeeping, billing, credentialing, IT, marketing, and human resources. This allows their clients to focus on patient care while operations are handled by the Kona team in a cost-effective manner and with industry best practice. The company is growing its client base in Michigan and beyond while continually adding new service offerings.

“Analytics software is something that physician offices need, but they often don’t realize they need it,” said Donovan Miske, Executive Director of Kona Medical Consulting.

Through HealthSpark, Donovan received an introduction to Pradeep Kalmat, Founder and CEO of eSimplify, an early-stage healthtech company based in Livonia, Michigan. The eSimplify software provides physician offices with meaningful insights and easy-to-understand dashboards; data that is critical for value-based care revenue management and helping independent practices thrive in a challenging market.

“eSimplify has an excellent analytics product that we’ve introduced to our clients,” said Donovan. “Through this partnership, our company can now offer white-labeled centralized care management and analysis using a practice’s own data in an easy-to-understand manner. HealthSpark made it happen – they’re stitching people together who can benefit one another.”

Pradeep said this opportunity has had a significant impact on eSimplify’s business development efforts. “We are grateful to HealthSpark for the introduction to Kona, as we’ve gained new introductions to medical practices throughout Michigan. Kona has also helped eSimplify confirm that our platform is indeed required and critical for practices to continue to stay independent.”

He continued, “I don’t think we would have gotten to where we are today without HealthSpark. I’m a first-time entrepreneur and I’m learning a lot along the way. HealthSpark provided the expertise and strategy around business development which is critical for startups. I wish I found HealthSpark 15 months earlier, but I’m grateful that I connected with them when I did.”

Donovan is looking forward to new opportunities with HealthSpark. “HealthSpark is a titan of change in the industry and they want to empower new businesses to find their fit,” he said. “Like us at Kona, they’re good at both the business and tech sides of healthcare. We’re well-positioned to work with other startups like eSimplify, to test the market, offer insight, and help deliver their services.”

About HealthSpark: A 20Fathoms initiative, HealthSpark exists to advance innovation and facilitate the solutions that will resolve today’s challenges in rural healthcare. Through our community-focused initiative that includes a 12-week accelerator program, we are working to bring world-class healthcare solutions to rural patients through the advancement of digital technology.