November 8, 2023 - 9:21 am

20Fathoms Coworking Space Features Art by Sarahbeth Ramsey

By 20Fathoms

20Fathoms is pleased to announce a new exhibition of local artwork at their coworking space, featuring the work of Sarahbeth Ramsey.

All of Sarahbeth’s paintings at 20Fathoms are available for purchase. She has generously agreed to donate a percentage of the sales to 20Fathoms to support the organization’s work to advance tech entrepreneurship in the Grand Traverse Region.  

“I was interested in displaying my art at 20Fathoms for two reasons,” said Sarahbeth. “First, I hope that when people see my art it will inspire them to try new things despite the challenges. I started as an entrepreneur, then added artist. It’s not a common direction that most people take, but it’s what makes me happy. In business it’s easy to get stuck in a rut or stressed out – visual art can help us to think outside of the box and creatively solve our problems. Second, proceeds of the art going to help entrepreneurs is a win in my book, always. I love that my art can make a difference, just like 20Fathoms does every day.”

Artwork from Sarahbeth Ramsey hangs in the 20Fathoms coworking space.

Artist Statement

“Currently, I am an acrylic artist who paints pieces that inspire me and bring me joy. One of the first subjects that I ever started painting was sunflowers, and I still can’t get enough of painting flowers or plants. But I’ve recently started to paint intuitively, and some of my favorite paintings were previously meant to be something else, or just happened as my brush hit the canvas. I can’t explain those paintings, but they are an expression of the soul. 

Painting intuitively, however, doesn’t always come easily to me. A very long time ago, an art teacher informed me that I was not an artist and I sadly believed that for many years. I later learned that I was never really taught to see as an artist sees, and so my art remained stuck in a time capsule from 1998. Through countless hours of self-taught experimentation and my own research and learning, I was able to start the journey of developing my personal style. After several years I am still working on finding that style, but am finally able to have glimpses of painting from the heart, and not from the desires of others. 

What I enjoy most about painting is the life lessons that it teaches me. Art is one of the greatest teachers because it forces you to let go of perfectionism and desired outcomes. It has shown me that life is not about getting it right, but instead about learning along the way. Through art I’ve embraced that it’s okay to make mistakes and try new things and that sometimes they work, and other times they do not. The act of being an artist can be frustrating, infuriating, and difficult, but it can also be rewarding, eye-opening and leave you feeling fulfilled.”

Additional Exhibit Information

Meet Sarahbeth at our Artist’s Showcase at the 20Fathoms Open House on Thursday, Nov. 30, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm. 

For a tour of 20Fathoms and to view this temporary exhibit, contact us.  

To purchase art, contact Sarahbeth Ramsey.