October 5, 2022 - 1:14 pm

10 Benefits of Working From the 20Fathoms Coworking Space

By 20Fathoms

We asked our members why they love working from the 20Fathoms coworking space and the #1 reason was clear.

1. Community connections

The connections made in the 20Fathoms coworking space lead to new opportunities, clients, mentors, and jobs. The community of well-connected professionals that you’ll find at 20Fathoms has been valuable for those interested in starting new businesses, meeting new friends, and seeking inspiration.

Anne Walton

One of many newcomers to Traverse City who joined 20Fathoms to meet people is Anne Walton, Compliance Director – Global Outsourced Compliance, at Chartwell Compliance.

“As a recent New York City transplant, I’m interested in finding a community in Traverse City,” said Anne. “A shared workspace focused on tech and innovation seemed like a logical place to start. I work remotely and I’d like to have a local professional network – I think being part of 20Fathoms can help with that.”

These new connections aren’t just valued by those new to our region. Long-time residents like Bill Palladino, Founder & Principal Consultant at Krios Consulting, appreciate the community aspect too.

Bill Palladino
Bill Palladino

“I’ve found working from my home office to be too isolating. 20Fathoms helps provide me with a physical space to be part of a community of innovative thinkers,” said Bill.

Continue reading to hear what else our members had to say about why they choose to work at 20Fathoms.

2. Increased ability to focus

John Murray

“I find 20Fathoms to be a great place for me to do a 90-minute hard focus on something, then get up, grab a cuppa good coffee and a nibble, chat with some interesting people, then dive back in for another 90 minute hard focus again. I wish I would have joined five years ago.” – John Murray, Business & Technology Advisor, jmurray & associates

3. That creative buzz

Meredith Anderson

“I love the flexibility of working from home (and my dogs appreciate the company) but the buzz of other people working helps me focus and break through creative blockages. I live near the TART trail so I can bike here, and the community that 20Fathoms has brought together is really exciting to be surrounded by.” – Meredith Anderson, Brand Director, Stout Collective

4. Renewed inspiration

Steffan Kasula

“I’ve been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic. I found that I can be very productive at home but it also produces less creativity. Several people recommended that I check out 20Fathoms and I came in for the tour. After seeing the beautiful view and feeling the positive energy of the space, I decided to get a five-day pass to scope it out. After a week of working at 20F, I realized this was the place for me and jumped in full-time. My favorite part of working at 20F is the energy that the people bring to the office. There’s an unspoken vibe that everyone here wants to work hard, have fun, and build connections with like-minded folks. My work days at 20F leave me feeling inspired, connected, and creative.” – Steffan Kasula, SEO Business Developer Team Lead, Logical Position

5. Getting actively involved

MJ Cartwright

“Being actively involved in the local economic development and technology infrastructure is important to me. I have been involved in the Ann Arbor and Michigan communities and look forward to further participation.  By joining the 20Fathoms community I hope to increase my involvement in the Traverse City area that I now call home.” – MJ Cartwright, Mentor-in-Residence, University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

6. Creating boundaries and work/life separation

Richard Robbins

“Moving from a 4,200 square feet living area to an 1,100 square foot one, I needed to find a work environment that separates my work from my personal life. Initially, I was just looking for workspace in the Traverse City area.  But I was also hoping to implement the “giving back” of sharing my business experience. Conversely, gaining current knowledge and perspectives of those newer to the workforce keeps me young in thought and able to be a more effective communicator.  20Fathoms provides me a workspace, but now so much more.” – Richard Robbins, VP – Commercial Development, Verista

7. Added flexibility

Justin Gauthier

“I feel more free because I have the flexibility to get out of the house and go into the office on my schedule. Plus, there’s something to be said about being able to step out of the office and walk down to the beach for a minute to clear your head.” – Justin Gauthier, Lead Developer, Brightly

8. Collaboration in a remote-first world

Russell Edens

“Prior to COVID we had an office space downtown, but now we are a remote-first company.  We wanted to create an environment for local team members to be able to collaborate. 20Fathoms provides the ideal space and resources.” – Russell Edens, CTO, Evvnt

9. Friendly people

Sarahbeth Ramsey.

“From day one, everyone at 20Fathoms has been so warm and welcoming. They’ve provided me so much support to help me continue to grow here in Traverse City. Plus, I mean, come on–that view!” – Sarahbeth Ramsey, Owner, The Boho Business Co.

10. The incredible view of Grand Traverse Bay

Steffan and Sarahbeth both mentioned it, along with many of our other members. The panoramic view of Grand Traverse Bay from our office is jaw-dropping. (Truly, sometimes we need to give people a moment during our office tours because they’re so transfixed by the view.) It’s beautiful, inspiring, and just one of the many reasons why our members choose 20Fathoms.

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